vineri, 17 decembrie 2010

That which came to me as blossom, goes on as fruit

Boboc brosa
Pret: 35 RON

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I wish...

Brose si accesorii par bleu&bej
Pret: 35 ron/piece

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sâmbătă, 11 decembrie 2010

December theme

Colier margele plastic & sticla, elemente metalice
Pret: 70 RON/pret

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marți, 7 decembrie 2010


Accesorii mireasa tafta ivoire & grena

Pret: 45 RON/piece

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luni, 6 decembrie 2010


Brose si accesorii par voal metalizat auriu si argintiu
Pret: 30 RON/piece

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sâmbătă, 4 decembrie 2010

Woman Trouble

Accesorii brosa tafta & voal
Pret: 35 RON/piece

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marți, 30 noiembrie 2010

Fleur de Pivoine

Brose voal bej, negru, gri
Pret: 35 RON/piece

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duminică, 28 noiembrie 2010

I'd like mornings better if they started later

Brose si accesorii par voal si satin
Pret: 40 RON/piece

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vineri, 26 noiembrie 2010

Transparent behavior

Brose si accesorii par organza argintie si peach
Pret: 40 ron/piece

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miercuri, 24 noiembrie 2010


Brose si accesorii par
Pret: 40 on/piece

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Blue sky

Brose si accesorii par crizanteme albaste
Pret: 30 ron/mic
40 ron/mare

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